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Did you know that the following trend, support and resistance, and scalper strategies are among the world's most widely used trading strategies? On that basis, we developed the Queen Trader v5 indicator, which combines these three profit strategies into a powerful system for trading volatile currency markets successfully.

  • Trade Forex, Cypto , Gold.
  • Follow Trend.
  • Entry Support and Resistance.
  • Symbol pair Change.
  • Scalper.
  • easy to use.
  • Video
    indicator queen trader
    indicator cheetah scalper
    Cheetah Scalper

    Forex Indicator Cheetah Scalper

    The cheetah scalper indicator is a simple indicator with a high return and low risk. It has a high level of accuracy and options for scalper and day trader trading strategies, which you can choose or combine

  • Trade Forex, Cypto , Gold
  • Follow Trend.
  • Entry Support and Resistance
  • Scalper and Swing trader.
  • easy to use.
  • Video
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    FAQ License

    How do username licenses work?

    • How do username licenses work?

      Our robots and indicators all use a licence username, and our robots only run on the licence user name you provide.

    • What Does Named User License Mean?

      A user Name license is an exclusive licensure of rights assigned to a single named software user. The user will be named in the license agreement. Named user licenses can be composed of "single seat licensures," more commonly known as "volume license accounts". The named user license is issued for known user names or a list of email addresses .
      Named user licenses allow users to run the software without account limits.

    • Can the license be changed?

      You cannot because, Per purchase, you get one user name license, under which you can use the software under one user name. (Per purchase, you acquire one licence to use the software on one account.)

    • How do I activate the license?

      You will be given a website to activate your license and receive an EA or indicator according to your purchase

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