Alpds Scalper Pro is the professional version, with new features, systems, and improvements.

Alpds Scalper Pro is a forex robot that uses support and resistance levels as entry points to determine when to sell and buy. It is simple to use but is based on time-tested trading principles. Alpds Scalper Pro is simple to use and profitable.

  • 2 Option Strategy Averaging and Single Entry
  • Estimated Profit : 10%-25% monthly
  • Equipped With Excellent and Tested Risk Management Tools and Money Management Tools
  • Auto Compound Lots
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    ea alpds scalper pro
    ea fox v8 support and resistance

    Forex Robot EA FOX V8

    FOX V8 version of our very popular EA Our Fox V8 forex robot uses the Support and Resistance strategy to determine entry positions with the help of the AUTOSNR indicator, which can measure the highest and lowest prices on the previous day.

    The support and resistance strategy is very popular and widely used by beginner and experienced traders because it can maximise profits and minimise losses.

  • 2 option Full auto trade and Semi auto trader
  • Stable and Highly Profitable Trading System.
  • balance minimum $50
  • Estimated profit : 10%-15% monthly.
  • Complete with Money Management Percent TP & Percent SL
  • The entry point is based on support and resistance, so it is very safe to use within 24 hours. Just wait for the daily profit and you will sleep well.
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    Telegram MT4 signal software is a tool that will automatically send your trading information from MetaTrader4 directly to your Telegram channel or group. The tool sends open and closed trades to your Telegram channel. It also sends every modification to the trade via telegram.

    This software is ideal for sending expert advisor trades over channels as trading signals. Send information on all types of orders: opened (including pending orders), closed (tagged), and modified orders.

    signal mt4 to telegram
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    FAQ License

    How do username licenses work?

    • How do username licenses work?

      Our robots and indicators all use a licence username, and our robots only run on the licence user name you provide.

    • What Does Named User License Mean?

      A user Name license is an exclusive licensure of rights assigned to a single named software user. The user will be named in the license agreement. Named user licenses can be composed of "single seat licensures," more commonly known as "volume license accounts". The named user license is issued for known user names or a list of email addresses .
      Named user licenses allow users to run the software without account limits.

    • Can the license be changed?

      You cannot because, Per purchase, you get one user name license, under which you can use the software under one user name. (Per purchase, you acquire one licence to use the software on one account.)

    • How do I activate the license?

      You will be given a website to activate your license and receive an EA or indicator according to your purchase

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